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PREVENT-13 protects your laser printer by removing the most dangerous threats to its proper functioning. Whichever program you choose, the service includes a thorough cleaning of all internal parts, ensuring crisp copies and greatly extending your printer's life.

Our 13-STEP Service Includes:

1.Remove Toner, Paper Dust from Fusing Assembly - Check the Assembly and Replace as Necessary
The fusing assembly can generate high repair bills. We remove contaminants before they do serious damage! Damaged units can be replaced at the time of service at a discounted price, saving the cost of a future service call. Units replaced carry a "fuser fife warranty."

2.Check and Clean Job Off-Set, Switchback, Duplex Assemblies and Auxiliary Paper Trays
These highly complex mechanical units, used to move paper and separate jobs, need periodic cleaning in order to operate properly.

3.Replace and Clean Machine Filters
Older laser printers produce ozone and have ozone filters that must be changed annually. Newer machines do not produce large quantities of ozone but require their static filters to be cleaned for proper air circulation.

4.Replace and Clean image Transfer Assembly
Older machines use a high-voltage transfer corona mechanism and generate large amounts of ozone. These machines require periodic replacement of the transfer corona assembly, because the toner attracted to it must be ultrasonically removed and cannot he property cleaned in the field. Newer machines require periodic cleaning of the transfer roller assembly, using a dry, lint-free cloth.

5.Inspect and Clean Pick-Up Roller Surface
Pick-up rollers can become slick and ineffective over time, Using a rubber roller restorer, these rollers are returned to new condition. Rollers and pads which can not be restored can be replaced at time of service at a discounted price.

6.Lubricate Machine with Appropriate High-Temperature Grease
Although drive gears in printers are property lubricated at the factory, over time the heat of the fuser and the motion in the machine combine with paper dust, toner and dirt to dry out the lubricant, making relubrication necessary.

7.Clean Exit Rollers
Like the pick-up rollers, exit rollers become coated with a hard, shiny white film of paper debris that makes them slick. Solvent cleaning usually restores them to their original texture. Rollers which can not be restored need to be replaced at customer's expense.

8.Thoroughly Clean the Electronic Bay of the Machine, Using a Vacuum and Compressed Air
Dust and dirt, especially toner, can become conductive on circuit boards, causing premature failures. With the machine's covers removed, our technicians can thoroughly clean the entire electronic assembly of these contaminants.

9.Tighten or Replace Screws and Check Grounding Straps
Screws that have worked loose inside a printer can fall into tire cartridge or into the machine gear trains, causing severe damage.

10.Inspect, Replace and Clean Separation Pods and Rollers
All printers use a cork separation pad or rubber rollers to feed one sheet of paper at a time into the machine. Cork separation pads are replaced and all separation rollers are returned to OEM specifications.

11.Clean and Lubricate Fan Assembly
Toner, paper dust, dirt and ozone conspire to "gum-up" exhaust fans. A little cleaning will help keep the fan going for years.

12.Inspect and Clean Registration Assembly
This unit is removed, inspected and cleaned with a rubber roller restorer.

13.Inspect and Clean Beam-to-Drum Optical Path
Some machines have a mirror in the laser optical path to direct the laser beam to the machine's image drum. This mirror can become so cloudy that print quality is seriously impaired.

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